Collaborative Performance
Music Geeks Meetups
10 Aug 2023 @ Pirate Bay
Nick and Alex jammin' with another Alex learning music for the first time
Time Schedule
19:00Talk1 hour
20:00Jam1 hour
21:00Create45 min
21:45Recap15 min

Join us on Thursday night as we dive into the world of melodies and rhythms at our captivating Music Geeks Meetup! The atmosphere was electric as Alex strummed his guitar, while Den skillfully incorporated his condenser microphone into the mix, effortlessly avoiding any pesky feedback loops.

Adding to the excitement, Nick joined in to experiment with an array of musical wonders. And then there was newcomer Alex, who we warmly welcomed into our midst. We introduced him to the mesmerizing Chromatone system, unveiling its secrets on how to learn music through a visual journey. With eager fingers, he embraced the vibrant synthesizer keys, infusing the air with his colorful musical ideas. Surprisingly, he quickly found his groove and seamlessly jammed along with us.

Our innovative introductory approach continues to evolve, demonstrating that anyone, regardless of age or prior experience, can visually unlock the world of music. It's a testament that delving into melodies isn't as daunting as it seems.

Eager to explore music visually? Join us every Thursday at the vibrant Pirate Bay in Phuket. But if you're more of an independent explorer, satisfy your curiosity at Get ready to embark on a harmonious adventure like no other! Looking forward to meeting you soon!