Live Multimedia Production
Contemporary art and science
Riki Bez Tiki Exhibition Opening
15 Mar 2024 @ China Kathu
Arts exhibition with special atmosphere made with live music inspired by the colors and meanings of the paintings presented
Time Schedule
18:00Guests gathering30 min
18:30Presentation30 min
19:00Music performance and arts1 hour
20:00Gift drawing30 min

Lera @rikibeztiki first personal exhibition opening was such a nice warm event! was responsible for the atmosphere with some light and fulfilling background music. We used some symbols from the pictures like bird songs and Thai language speech sample chops to recreate the mood of the paintings in music. helped find the purple G major pentatonic scale for the basis of the hour long morphing composition with the main part was the warm bass sound resonating with the wooden gallery floor. The event got it’s own unique sound track experience for visitors to remember. Thanks everyone who came to @china_kathu_cafe to have an experience of connecting through art. Love to bring art to the local community!

Seagull Turns Into a Swallow (pair work)

Initially, I started a series of “Rooms” in the hope of finding my own style, finding my creative self, lost in the past few years in an attempt to keep up with the audience. It put me in the condition of wandering in the woods, and this series is a reflection of my conscious and unconscious flow of imagination. The first broken work that the viewer sees was called “Meeting with myself,” but the name became too literal because, in the process of creation, I really looked deep inside myself, and what I saw there did not make me very happy. This was reflected in the work; in a fit of bad mood, I ruined it with screaming colours, as in agony, I destroyed the work and threw it in the trash. This is a reflection of my own attitude towards myself, which went through transformation and resulted in the following work called “A Seagull Becomes a Swallow.”

Mirror Cube/ Walking Couple

This work was inspired by a trip to the Khao Sok Nature Reserve and the beaches of Thailand. In this work, I wanted to reflect on the topic of interpersonal relationships. Close and intimate relationships make people interdependent; people dissolve into each other, looking at each other like reflections in a mirror. The perspective of the cube is deliberately broken – as if together you look at the world through each other's prism. The plot looks positive, like any couple from the outside, but if you look closely, you can see strange artefacts: ghost trees, transparent and dark birds, sad trees bent to the ground, a broken light ball that emits a projection of the couple, as a combination of all the problems that you overcome together, getting to know each other more and more and not being scared or pulling away, with all the skeletons in the closet and unpleasant events in your life, you continue your journey together and become a “walking couple.” The ceiling depicts the faces of an angel, a patron saint, and a certain deity who helps to walk the path together.