Visual Music Theory
Public Talks
Coding colorful sounds
22 Sep 2023 @ Creatorsgarten
Modern interactive visual music web-app development setup
Time Schedule
19:00Talk and presentation30 min
Theory: using colors to describe sounds
Practice: interactive visual tools to play and explore music
Academy: projects, events and tutorship
Ecosystem and community growth
19:30Coffee & networking break30 min
20:00Source exploration and live coding1 hour
Vue 3 & Composition API
HTML, SVG, canvas or GLSL?
21:00Questions and answers30 min

Get ready for the Creative coding meetup #2: Coding Colorful Sounds, a Chromatone initiative that brings visual music to life. Denis Starov, the author and developer behind Chromatone, will lead this technical and insightful event, ideal for developers of all levels, especially open source enthusiasts and code artists.

After five years of research, Denis has created a comprehensive music theory course, aided by visual tools built on a free, open-source web stack. This event is your chance to get an inside look at these tools and discover new ways to express yourself through audio-visual web apps.

Join us at Cleverse office, Bangkok, Thailand, on Friday, September 22rd, 2023, from 7 PM to 10 PM. The event will kick off with a 30-minute talk and presentation, followed by a coffee break and a 1.5-hour live coding session with actual repository code in action. Finally, we'll wrap up with up to 45 minutes of Q&A and networking.

You'll have the chance to explore the underpinnings of the website, including Vue 3, Vitepress, WebMIDI, Elementary.js, and many more. Whether you're just starting your journey into web development or are an advanced pro, this event offers an opportunity to deepen your understanding of web-based music and express your creativity through coding.

No prior music knowledge is needed. Just bring your enthusiasm for tech, and be ready to dive into the world of visual music. For the live coding workshop the ideal setup is to bring your laptop with any MIDI-controller to play with. Register now at the link to secure your spot.

This event is the first in a new initiative by Chromatone. We're building a new school of visual music thought, developers and researchers are welcomed to join us. We are those who start the new wave of casual visual musicians. Let's color the world with music together!