Collaborative Performance
Music Composition Revision
Music composition revision
23 Sep 2023 @ Glowfish
Ecosystem presentation, Live multimedia performance, Music theory workshop & Emergent jam session
Time Schedule
17:00Presentation of Chromatone system30 min
Theory: the knowledge, Chromatone provides
Practice: interactive music tools in your browser
Designs: stickers, cheat-sheets and printables
Academy: community projects, events and tutorship
17:30Networking & coffee break30 min
18:00tsoop music performance15 min
18:15Interactive composition workshop1.5 hours
Tonic note
Metre and cycles
Scale and mode
Chord progression for harmony
Bassline and melodies
Timbre and it's transformations
Compostitional choices
Cooperation and improvisation
Recording, mixing, mastering
Celebrating the piece
19:45Questions and answers30 min
20:15Emergent jam or further discussion30 min

Music Composition Revision is a unique experimental event, that brings Chromatone, the Visual Music Language into fun and engaging practice. Meet Denis Starov, the author and developer of the system. He is building an interactive online visual music hub at for more than 5 years. By now he's released 7 albums and numerous music videos and live streams as tsoop. And got there through research, design and creative revision of music theory.

All this experience and developments are condensed into a unique event format, performed for the first time at Glowfish coworking in Bangkok, Thailand, at 5 PM on Saturday, 23 September 2023. The format is a blend of presentation, workshop, and performance. Entry is free + donations are encouraged.

First we'll explore musical elements from basic notes to complex rhythms using our innovative web-apps. Then after a coffee & networking break we'll enjoy tsoop live audio-visual performance and then walk through the process of creating such multimedia experiences step by step together. And if you're moved by the music, you might even find yourself in an impromptu jam session!

The event is designed for everyone. Whether you're just starting your musical journey or looking to dive deeper, our tools will help you easily grasp music theory concepts, from simple chords to intricate harmonies. All you need to bring is your interest in music and, if you wish, your favorite instrument.

Not only will you get hands-on experience with our visual tools, but you'll also have the opportunity to be among the first students to acquire Chromatone tutorship. No prior music knowledge is required and a just browser tab is enough to explore music as deep as you want.

This event is just the beginning of our journey. We're building a school of visual music thought and we welcome new participants to become our students and, eventually, affirmed tutors. Register now at the link, and join us in coloring the world with music!