Creative Web Development
TouchMe Experience
Online synthesizer and MIDI visualizer
from: 01 Apr 2022
till: 01 Sep 2022

In 2022 we started our web-app collaboration with Playtronica. They're building MIDI controllers and we're building an interactive audio-visual playground web application together - the TouchMe Experience.

It's multi-scene SVG MIDI WebAudio visual synthesizer.


  • MIDI support (desktop and mobile)
  • WebAudio mono synth + delay + reverb
  • Synth oscillator type switch (sine, triangle, square,saw)
  • Octave shift switch (-2 - +2)
  • Quantize modes switch (8n, 16n, 32n, free)
  • BPM switch
  • 6 ready made interactive SVG scenes
  • Desktop keyboard note layout
  • Light/dark mode switch
  • Fullscreen switch
  • Basic visitor sessions statistics
  • Total notes count and total duration stats displayed