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Web Synths Collection
Online MIDI compatible synthesizers and DAWs to play right in the browser
from: 22 Jun 2023
till: Present

Playtronica is a digital playground that explores the possibilities of the material world through technology, creating gadgets that make the world musical. Chromatone is a visual language for music education, research, and performance. We share our passion for web-based music instruments. Welcome to the community!

Playtronica hosted this resource for many years and the web-site infrastructure became a bit outdated and demanded rebuild. Chromatone is an actively developed modern web technology project, that can readily support such a valuable toolbox for any beginner musician around the globe. So here it is - completely rebuilt and open source Web Synths Collection.

We now have simple star ratings stored locally for users to tag their best choice links. And you can drag the cards around, yet it's obly per session. Reload still resets the order back. New features will be gradually added.

We collect emails of our visitors just to be able to send rare notifications about updates on the collection. There's a feedback form on the page for communication too.