Collaborative Performance
Music Composition Revision
Experimental way to create music as an emergent band of any size.
from: 22 Dec 2022
till: Present

We got to the Glowfish offices once just by going to one of the amazing vegan food points across Bangkok. It's an open and convenient facility for many creative and business activity. And once we got the place for food, we found a huge coworking space with a music studio and much more inside. And there is a place with beautiful and quite musical looking architectural composition, like a small light, almost transparent amphitheater. Quite an inspiring place!

We were lucky to meet Parin from Glowfish, who've shown us the place and shared the inspiration to make a Chromatone event right there, like in a couple of months later. So we made it!

That September evening some of the very advanced Bangkok musicians and music researchers got some practical knowledge of the Chromatone system, experienced live music performance by tsoop and participated in a deeply connecting jam.

First was 30 minute introduction to the system and practical ways to use it in daily musician tasks. Then Denis performed live music generation based on this knowledge. And then we used the knowledge together. Amazing experience, approved.

Everyone in the space was playing their part in the symphony, that we created together. Drums from a Mac controlled by an iPad with open-source web-app WebMIDICon played by it's author Thai Pangsakulyanont and and his drummer friend. Thai was mostly playing his laptop keyboard, mostly bass, and mostly sick, man! The groove was perfect. Singing, violin, modulations to add.

It was a polishing touch for the years long research of a live music composition techniques that enable deep musical connections in live improvisations.

Now there is much to unpack here, because most of this knowledge is still inside our heads and experiences. And only being translated to the language of techniques that can be taught and used as a method and for new live music improvisation nights like these. So we can gather any level musicians, communicate music visually and enjoy collaboration on a unique live music piece.

This project is about polishing these techniques further and translating them into new languages and media formats to share this knowledge with people all across the globe. We're open to further collaborations with spaces and communities Global and local.