Collaborative Performance
Music Geeks Meetups
Weekly meetups for local musicians community. Collaboration with Pirate Bay Fablab in Phuket town, Thailand.
from: 22 Dec 2022
till: 25 Aug 2023

Weekly Music Geeks Meetups

We are exploring the realm of visual music representations by getting together to learn and practice music. We are open for participation and collaboration in any music projects.

Every Thursday at Pirate Bay we have a Music Geeks Meetup. Everyone, who is interested in any way of music, can come and share their passions with other curious people. We jam some grooves, share some ideas and thoughts and then try to combine all that into some creative output like a performance, a recording, a music instrument, or a whole setup of them.

The community oscillates, people come and go, but the format grows and builds momentum. So see you next Thursday at 7 PM at Pirate Bay!

We've had 35 weekly events throughout year 2023 and it was a deep research into many small and large topics of music in modern society. We were enjoying musical atmosphere and the openness to move deep into theory topics just because we were decidedly geeks in a FabLab, tweaking the rapidly improving Chromatone web-apps and leveling up musicians of extremely different skills, knowledge and quantities. 😅

Sometimes it was hard to being people into a new place, where you are also new to everything around. Sometimes it was hard to keep them coming to weekly geek events. Some decided to skip one or two. Now I think we should have skipped more by design. The frequency of musical connections goes as deep as any other rhythm and tone. But there was another challenge for me to live test the web-apps I was actively building at that time. And we successfully polished all the ideas to quite usable musical tools. Along with the quite established format of events, adjustable to any level of skills of participants.

3 hour long parts

  1. 19:00 - 20:00 - Talk - preparing gear and discussing music
  2. 20:00 - 21:00 - Jam - trying some ideas, getting into the groove, exploring changes
  3. 21:00 - 22:00 - Create - creating some artifact for future to have some record of the journey we take into music together

Now we know how to use these steps in any proportion. Let's explore these techniques together.